A title is worth a million pictures

As it turns out, I feel quite strongly about the importance of titles. I am irked when I look at a beautiful piece of art, or a sculpture in a museum, or wherever it may be, and I wonder what the person behind the piece was trying to portray, or what they were trying to say to the world through their art, and then I look to right of the artwork and, dum dum dum, the dreaded “Untitled” is typed followed by the artist’s name and year the piece was created. Not taking the time to title a piece tells me that the artist really didn’t care about his/her work to begin with. Either that, or they were trying to make a statement. But when a few billion artworks are left as “Untitled”, what kind of statement is one making? I find that a title adds so much to a piece of art. A title may clear up confusion as to what you are looking at, it may draw comparisons to thoughts beyond the piece of art, or it may cause you to wonder how the title is related at all. When something is “Untitled”, it’s dull.


The purpose of this blog? I aim to muse. I aim to quip. Join me.

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