Surf to Learn: Step 1- Choose a skill

I have yet to decide what I would like to learn. Below is a list of things I am interested in learning that I believe I could do via online searches. Any suggestions, comments, persuasive arguments would be gladly accepted. Or you may even go so far as filling out my survey to help me decide what skill I should focus on.

-club and street style hip-hop (break dance, dance hall etc)
-cake decorating, specifically using fondant
-interior design
-sewing (from scratch, tailoring, altering)

Pros and cons:
Hip hop dance
Pros: very low on cost, burning calories! may also be able to use some of the moves in the fitness class I teach
Cons: how will it help me in the future? Also, will I look like a goon if I video myself and post it for all to see?

Cake decorating
Pros: I could decorate family and friends’ cakes, may also create possibility for an independent business
Cons: high in cost (did I mention I’m a university student), time consuming to bake cakes, high in calorie intake (who will eat all of those beautiful cakes full of sugar and fat?)

Interior design:
Pros: my living space would be beautiful, I could potentially use these skills in future employment
Cons: would I use my current furnishings? Do my furnishings lend themselves to this task? And if not, its too high in cost if I need to purchase furnishings. According to my research I cannot give myself the title of interior designer without a four-year degree.

Pros: I could make my own clothes! I could buy cheap (value village) and give new life to old clothes.
Cons: There is a sewing machine downstairs but I don’t know if it works. Also there is the cost of fabric and/or clothes to alter to consider.

Conclusion: The cheapest and healthiest is learning how to dance. The least realistic is learning interior design. The most useful for the future are sewing and cake decorating. The decision…..

to be determined.


Results of the survey are in!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. I made a rookie mistake and didn’t ask to find out who or where the participants were, so I can’t give you any sweet geographical data like that.

I will take into account the survey’s data, as well as my own pros and cons list to make my final decision.


2 responses to “Surf to Learn: Step 1- Choose a skill

  • annaraskolnikoff

    Hey Heather, I just wanted to let you know what I do about sewing. As I love sewing and adding stuff, but like you can’t afford to spend anything on it, I do a few things:
    1) I bought a membership at Fabricland. They have a room full of fabric on sale and I always find things in there. I actually have sewn my own wedding outfit, 80% out of fabric that was on sale 🙂
    2) I keep scraps. I never throw away anything, unless it rips too much. If I have to throw away a jacket etc. I keep the buttons, decorative elements (if I like them) to use them later on. Con – you have to have a big box to keep them, as they gather sneakily…
    3) I use beads, ribbons etc. from dollar stores. They actually have a nice selection of decorative elements. I even go so far as to buy a string of beads and then break it and use the parts to create something new.
    Sewing does not have to be expensive 🙂 If the machine works… 😛

  • hchev

    Thanks Anna, great tips!

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