Tech task # 1

About me:

This video features FRESH FEELING by THE EELS. FRESH FEELING – THE EELS is copyrighted by it’s rightful owner, HChristineC in no way claims copyright for these lyrics.

Additional info my prof wants to know:

To sum up my attitude toward technology I would say I’m curious and want to have everything mastered, but I have  very little time on my hands to do the learning to get there. I feel fairly competent using programs on my computer or on the net once I get the hang of them. Its the getting to know them part that is frustrating. I recently switched over from a windows to a mac laptop and am endlessly frustrated by not knowing where things are or how to use them. I enjoy creative programs the most, imovie, photoshop etc. I really like photography and playing around with it using such programs.

In elementary school we had many classes in the computer lab, and within each class we had to practice typing for 15 or 20 minutes. I didn’t mind the drills at the time, and now am very thankful that we went through rigorous typing programs because I now am a very speedy typist- not only is this useful in career situations, but its useful even just in blogging and tweeting. People often comment on how fast I type saying ‘it sounds so fast’. I wonder why my school put such on emphasis on this skill when other people, of similar age to me, did not have the same education on this topic. Although it does take up a lot of time, and is predominately drill work, I wonder if we should be encouraging the younger generation to practice such a skill.

In my internship we had SMART boards in every class, and now I can’t imagine teaching without one. Being able to pull up video examples, and educational games relating to the learning going on in class was engaging for the students and gave us the opportunity to expand our learning beyond the classroom walls. I think that class blogs and connecting with student across the world through the internet is a wonderful use of the internet, but I do often hear from teachers that coordinating such things and finding the time and resources (if the school does not have a classroom set of computers that work or if the computer lab is always booked up by other classes) are major challenges to this. My only concern with using technology in the K-12 classroom is if we come to rely on it too much. There are arguments that kids spend too much time looking at a computer screen, why add to those numbers in school- even if for educational means. Rather than watch a video of a chick hatching- bring an incubator and some eggs into the room (my teacher did this in grade 3, granted she was a farmer so she already had all the necessary resources available to her).

What do I hope to accomplish through this class? Well I would like to gain insight on all of the options ‘out there’, which I feel I already have been given a broad view of. I’d also like to understand the difference in various types of sites and how to use them for educational purposes. I also would really like to develop a professional portfolio online.

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