LMFAO for kids?

One of my profs showed this video in class the other day as a bit of a break from the lecture. She’s shown it to her grade 2 students to give them something to sing that isn’t “I’m sexy and I know it”. The video is hilarious, don’t get me wrong, but is it actually working to replace LMFAO or just perpetuate it for kids?

4 responses to “LMFAO for kids?

  • Alec Couros (@courosa)

    Great find, and your concerns are well-warranted. Media are interesting in this way – they penetrate our culture at so many levels.

  • Brittany Newberry

    I’m glad you brought this video up because we were just talking about it in my Anthropology of Pop Culture class. And what I reflect here has nothing to do with my own opinions about the concept but I just thought I’d share what others think of videos such as this one…

    Someone brought up the idea that no matter what kids watch they have the ability to choose what they like or do not like. They have the choice, based on their beliefs, morals and backgrounds to choose whether or not this influences them or if they even find it humerous, insightful or meaningless.

    Another person fired back saying, nothing in this world is meaningless and students no matter if they choose to accept, say a video or not will ultimately affect them in some way even if they don’t believe it does.


  • annaraskolnikoff

    Yes, I also think that changing the words slightly won’t change too much. It would make a difference when I was growing up because there was much more censorship and less availability. Nowadays though, I suppose kids know what are the real lyrics anyways. Not sure if that changes anything.

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