Why support Early Childhood Education?

This video (also shown below), posted via twitter by Amy Jo Johnson highlights some very business-minded reasons for supporting Early Childhood Education. I think the video is well presented, but after watching it I am left with an odd disconnected feeling. I can’t decide if I should support this video or not. It calls for more financial support to be given to the early years of development (which I am totally for!), and highlights many legitimate benefits of early childhood education such as the possibility of children leading healthier lives, increased graduation rates and developing character. However, I can’t help feeling hesitant due to the way it reduces the benefits of early childhood education to the language of ‘investment return’. It even goes so far as to suggest that with more education at a younger age there will be less need for ‘special education’- this point saddens me more than any other because it suggests that special education is something people see as a nuisance to society.

If I don’t agree with this reasoning for early childhood education, does that mean I do not agree with supporting early childhood education? No, because I do support early childhood education- but I would like to believe that the reason for supporting it should be based on a rooted belief in the necessity of the holistic development of the child, rather than on the percentage of money the government may receive down the road.

3 responses to “Why support Early Childhood Education?

  • teachermrw

    For pragmatic reasons, early childhood education is a worthwhile investment. For holistic reasons, it just makes good sense in the well-being of children.

  • hldales

    Great video! I am also an advocate of early childhood education. Learning about the long term benefits of early childhood education, such as health and economics, makes it hard to argue against. I hope more money is invested into this into the future and that more people are educated about the advantages of early childhood education.

  • lrschmale

    I never went to day care or pre-school and I turned out just fine. My parents both worked full-time jobs. I was babysat. I spent hours upon hours playing outside with my kittens and dogs. I don’t think that pre-school is a necessity if parents are engaged enough in their children’s’ lives. This is just my opinion.

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