Tech Task #6

Our tech task #6 is to create a digital story. In wondering where to start with this task, I came across a classmate’s digital story using storybird. I clicked on the site, read a few examples and watched the ‘how to’ video. I can’t get over what a great site this would be for story prompts in ELA or for writing entire stories! What a great way to get kids engaged in the writing process, especially those students who are not comfortable in their artistic talents (as most stories written and read in the early years are accompanied by pictures).

I had a lot of fun choosing the combination of pictures for my story, and letting the pictures sort of dictate where my story would go. But it was a bit frustrating because when creating a story you are restricted to choosing pictures all from the same artist. I think it would add an interesting edge to the stories if you could mix and match artists and characters. Here’s to using new sites and new forms of media! And here is the story I created:

2 responses to “Tech Task #6

  • Alyshia

    This was so cute! I loved the very traditional storyline (with the frog and prince, mermaid, etc), because let’s be honest– kids love it! However, you added in the social justice spin! If you were using it in a class, it might be neat to see (or read about through the text) something specific that she actually does to help?? Or, I wanted to know what she was trying to help with! haha!
    Good work!

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