Had a go at sliderocket

March is madness. And no, I’m not a basketball fan. What I’m talking about is all the assignments, essays and EVERYTHING due for the university student in March. It’s madness.

I have an assignment+presentation this week in my Ed Psych class. Rather than work with the old go-to, powerpoint, I decided to try something new and signed up for an account with sliderocket.com. I really like it! Its great how you can switch easily back and forth between the presentation and flickr when adding photos, and that you can easily embed video and even live twitter feeds. The presentation may not be as informative as it would be live because I haven’t added the audio I will be supplying when I present to my classmates. Feel free to view it or use it.

The presentation is on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I hope that it is informative and interactive for you. Please do not hesitate to give feedback : )

*Unfortunately I cannot embed the slideshow into WordPress.

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