Share your opinion and childhood play experiences!

Myself, and two of my classmates at the University of Regina are in the process of documenting play and opinions of play for a university project. We will be compiling the documentation into a research video to give an overview of our findings. The resulting video project will be used for the purposes of our course ECE435 “Curricular Implications of Play” , as well we may include the finished project in our professional portfolios (pending permission). I would like to open up the opportunity to participate in this process to anyone who is interested and willing to contribute. It would be incredible to include opinions from a variety of locations across the globe.

The process: Answer the questions about play (below) by recording a video or audio track of yourself. Make sure to include pertinent information such as your title(s) [teacher, parent etc],and your location (city, country.. more for our own information than to include in the video project). Additionally, either at the beginning or at the end of your video we require you to read the following statement out loud:

“I ____(your name)________  hereby grant permission to Amanda Baker, Heather Chevrier and Monique Dudragne to use photographs, video and/or audio recordings of me for sharing in the undergraduate class ECE 435 at the University of Regina. I also grant permission for the resulting project to be utilized in their professional portfolios.”

We cannot use your video unless your permission is granted. However, we will edit your permission ‘blurb’ out of our final project to ensure anonymity (your name will not be connected to the project in any way). After creating your video/audio track please post it using the comment field or email it to Thank you so much for participating!

Note: You must be over the age of majority to participate.

Questions to consider/discuss:

1) What is play?
2)What do you think of/how do you feel about rough and tumble play? (see definition provided below)
3) What were your childhood experiences with rough and tumble play?

Definition of Rough and Tumble play from Play Development and Early Education (Johnson, J., Christie, J. and Wardle, F. 2005):

“In rough and tumble play the bodies of playmates and the actions of playmates become a focal object of play, and children pretend to hurt each other rather than engaging in real aggression. That is, rough and tumble play is play fighting, not actual fighting. This form of play aggression may involve physical movements such as mock wrestling, running, chasing/fleeing, kicking, pouncing, piling on, pushing, open-hand hitting, and poking, as well as loud noises.”

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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