Edmodo VS Schoology: The Showdown

Tech Task #10





put up your dukes


For our last tech task we looked at two tools that are designed to provide a blended (online+offline) learning space. As a group we came up with several points outlining what we liked/didn’t like for each site via a shared google document.

Personally, I like the look/format of edmodo more. However I really can’t favour one over the other with much confidence because I haven’t had the opportunity to use either in a teaching situation. That being said, I’m not sure if I will get that opportunity for a while. I plan to teach the younger grades (PrK-3), and as my group decided, these sites are really neat but are catered for ‘older’ children.

One concern we had with these sites is that because they look like facebook, students may begin to treat them as facebook, posting comments or links not related to the teaching material… or even worse, participating in cyber bullying. As the site admin, we would have some control over monitoring and deleting comments that students post, but if our settings were set so that we let all comments go through the site without monitoring (even if we deleted the comment as soon as we were made aware of it), it is likely that the damage would already be done.

Because I haven’t had any real-life experience using these tools, I wanted to go beyond discussing them with my group mates to see how practicing educators are using them. This is what I found out via twitter (thanks to many retweets):

I find it interesting that I posted the same question to my facebook page (I have many fellow pre-educators and newbie teachers as friends) and this is the response I got:

I think that this response shows that online tools such as Edmodo and Schoology aren’t all that prominent in my immediate educator community. Perhaps these sites just aren’t marketing themselves enough to my corner of the globe. I’m not surprised that my contacts don’t know about these because for me ECMP 355 was the first time I ever heard about Edmodo and Schoology.

If you have had any experience with either Edmodo or Schoology… or a similar site it would be great to hear about your experiences : )


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