Summary of Learning in ECMP 355

In ECMP 355 I was introduced to many online resources and tools that I was previously unaware of. I used the class Social Media Resource List a lot to try out new sites and find sites to use for my final project. I also used the cooltoolsforschools wiki to find further resources and sites. I began to establish my Professional Learning Network through Twitter. This course also helped me to better understand how to use the web in different ways (ie. as ‘me’ vs as an educator). It has even changed the way I compile posts on facebook. I won’t go into much detail because most of what I want to share is covered in the above video.

Throughout my time in ECMP 355 I have contributed to the learning of my fellow classmates and to the learning of ECMP 355 students from other sections (see: quote, Twit all about it, Rhythm learning, Facebook Parenting, Craft Ideas, Squares, Problem Behaviors, Light Photography, re:India). I have also reached beyond our ECMP 355 group and have commented on bloggers across the world, including some student blogs (see: teaching so far, Equal Society, SexEd Bill, CCR, In a pocket ). What I find most interesting is when I contribute to people’s learning and do not even realize it! I’ve had my blog posts mentioned in other people’s blogs, and most recently excerpts from my post “Live teacher Conference” were included in the Teachers Teaching Teachers post detailing their chat from March 28th. It’s really awesome that they found my post and linked back to it- getting my blog more “out there”.

ECMP 355 has been a wonderful learning experience! A huge thanks goes out to Alec for helping us all develop and hone our technological literacy and digital skills.


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