Final Project: Grade 1 Tech Infused Project

For my final project I created a technology infused project/unit aimed at the grade one level. To showcase my project in an organized way I created a website using weebly. I found weebly to be a very easy website-creation tool, you simply drag-and-drop the elements you want to add to your pages. It is limiting when it comes to photo placement (as are many of the sites I’ve been working with like wordpress).  With weebly I couldn’t figure out how to have an image right beside or integrated into a text box, it wasn’t a big deal, but I do like to have as much control over the aesthetics of a site I’m creating as possible.

The grade one project I created is on the topic of “My Family” and is based off of several Saskatchewan curricular outcomes in the grade one curriculum. The main goal of the project is to incorporate technology into the students’ learning. This is done through a class mind map/idea web activity, several opportunities for students to share about their families through digital storytelling including a video and sharing the progress of the project through a class blog. Teachers are encouraged to employ the help of parents or other volunteers especially if the students are unfamiliar with using computers. The project wraps up with a celebration of learning where students have the opportunity to share their favorite creation with their classmates, friends and family.

Part of the process of finding resources and digital storytelling tools was getting to sample them. I created many example stories about my own family so that I could determine if a site was ‘grade one’ friendly or not. Trying out all the sites was very time consuming, but I had a lot of fun with it! My resources for creating this site and this project came from our class Social Media Resource list and from cooltoolsforschools. I also reached out to my twitter PLN with regards to what sites to use when setting up a class blog, and what tools are appropriate for students in grade one:

From this, I was able to connect with educators who were gracious enough to let me share their blogs on my site as examples of class blogs.

Its been a good experience creating this project, if I teach grade one I could definitely see myself using and adapting this project for my own students. Feel free to use and adapt what I’ve created and if you feel the site/project needs any major changes, or if you really like what I’ve done, I’d love to hear your feedback- send me a comment here or on the comment page of the project site.

Happy teaching!


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